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Our team helps all parties to a transaction to put everyone at ease and to insure that closing occurs in a timely fashion.

Residential Title & Escrow Services

The stress of purchasing real estate can be great, whether you are experienced or not.  We believe that communication throughout the process is essential to reducing stress levels and to gain a comfort level throughout the process.  The purchase and sale of residential real property is typically one of the largest financial transactions in a person’s life.  These transactions often involve strict deadlines and our customers rely upon the advice of many professionals including realtors and mortgage professionals.  Our title and escrow staff work together with those professionals to provide our clients and their advisers with clear and timely property reports and title insurance policies.  We strive to meet everyone's goals, whether a home buyer/seller, residential developer/investor,  real estate agent or mortgage broker.  Our promise to you is that we carefully handle your transaction from beginning to end while maintaining communications to insure a smooth and timely closing.

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